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Pink October: It's too early to be too late!

11 October 2021

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2020 alone, this disease is estimated to have caused 10 million deaths. Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent types of cancer in the population. In Portugal, for example, an average of 7,000 new cases appear per year. However, global...

Go back to school without lice!

16 September 2021

Going back to school is always a moment that is lived with great anxiety and anticipation, not only for the youngest but also for their parents. However, despite the meticulous preparation that a new school year requires, we are not always ready to respond to all the setbacks that may eventually ...

Maternity: Challenges After Childbirth

2 September 2021

The arrival of a baby is a huge challenge. Although over the years we have witnessed a romanticization of this “state of grace”, in recent times we have come to know other versions that remind us of the countless difficulties involved in the periods of gestation and lactation. In...

5 tips to cure a hangover

26 August 2021

Summer is the season of the year that provides us with the most parties and gatherings. The pleasant climate and the long days take us to the terraces and socializing with friends and family. Conversations extend and the heat calls for cool drinks that are accompanied by snacks and long meals. So...

COVID-19: Clarify your doubts about vaccines! (Part 1)

5 August 2021

Finally, and as we long for, we now have a defense mechanism against SARS-CoV-2 infection: vaccines. This virus, which led to the collapse of health systems, which claimed the lives of so many people and left so many others with countless sequels, came to radically change our lives but also broug...

COVID-19: Clarify your doubts about vaccines! (Part 2)

5 August 2021

This article is the second part of a series of three articles designed to answer questions that may exist regarding COVID-19 vaccines. If you want, you can also read Part 1. In this second part, I will answer very specific questions about the vaccines themselves and how they work. In t...

COVID-19: Clarify your doubts about vaccines! (Part 3)

5 August 2021

This article is the third and final part of a series of articles designed to answer questions that may exist regarding COVID-19 vaccines. If you want, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 as well. In this last part, I will answer questions about what happens after vaccination. ...

COVID-19: What are the differences between the tests?

15 July 2021

About a week ago, the Portuguese Government announced new measures in relation to the pandemic: the obligation to present a negative test to COVID-19 at the entrance of a restaurant or a hotel/local accommodation. For the first one, this rule applies only to high and very high-risk municipal...

How to care for the skin after sun exposure?

1 July 2021

Solar radiation is extremely important to ensure the Earth's climate. Fortunately, however, part of this radiation is absorbed by the ozone layer, thus protecting us from rays such as UVC, which have a high mutagenic capacity. However, radiations such as near-ultraviolet (UVA) and medium-ultr...

Lose weight healthily? Yes, it is possible!

17 June 2021

It is usually at this time of year that the affluence to gyms increases and the demand for products that contribute to weight loss soars. Especially this season, we are bombarded by a series of advertising campaigns that dictate to us what are the characteristics of a “summer body”. N...

5 tips for protected and tanned skin!

3 June 2021

Last summer was just not enough! The pandemic brought us long periods of confinement and numerous restrictions that did not allow us to enjoy the sun and heat as we would have liked. The population was less exposed to solar radiation and, therefore, in recent months, the need for supplementa...

How to protect your hair during the Summer?

20 May 2021

The arrival of summer and the consequent increase in temperature are factors that invite us to enjoy the benefits of the sun and the heat. Although sun protection is something that must be adopted during all seasons of the year, the truth is that during the bathing season there is a greater conce...



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