A-Derma Primalba Baby Coffret
€ 14.95 $ 16.79 R$ 65.48 £ 13.34

A-Derma Primalba Baby Coffret contains:

        Moisturizes intensely and lastingly, soothes, protects and enhances the barrier function of the baby's fragile skin.

        A 2-in-1 hygiene product that cleans, soothes and helps repair the baby's skin hydrolipid film. Without soap.

A-Derma Primalba Cocoon Cream: Apply daily on clean and dry skin. To use in massage, place a cream walnut in the palm of the hand and warm it between the hands before starting the massage.

A-Derma Primalba Cleansing Gel 2-in-1 Body & Hair: Apply with the palm of the hand on the baby's skin and hair. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

A-Derma Primalba Cocoon Cream:  Rhealba Oat Plantlets Extract; Lipid Complex of Natural Origin; Liquid Crystal Emulsifier.

A-Derma Primalba Cleansing Gel 2-in-1 Body & Hair:  Rhealba Oat Plantlets Extract; Soft Cleansing Base.



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