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A-Derma Protect AD Cream SPF 50+, 150 ml

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A-Derma Protect AD Cream SPF 50+ is a sunscreen specially formulated to protect the atopic skin of the face and body, of adult and child.

  • Rhealba Oat Plantlets Oil strengthens and protects the skin barrier against the sun.
  • Barriestolide strengthens fragile skins and reduces their vulnerability to aggression by solar radiation.
  • The Emollient Complex protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, restores the skin barrier and minimizes dehydration caused by the sun.
  • The Solar Filters System protects fragile skins from UV radiation.
  • With a rich and emollient texture, water resistant.

Apply on the whole body and face, in sufficient quantity, before sun exposure. Often renew the application, every 2 hours and after each bath, have perspired or swam, or have dried with the towel.

Formulated With: Rhealba Oat Plantlets Oil; Emollient Complex (Protective Nutritive Agent, Moisturizing Agent, and Emollient Vegetable Agent); Barriestolide; Solar Filters System (Tinosorb M; Tinosorb S; Parsol 1789; UVASORB HEB).

Formulated Without: Perfume; Alcohol.



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