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Arkocápsulas Spirulina, 48 capsules

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Arkocápsulas Spirulina is a food supplement that helps in case of fatigue, contributes to the maintenance of vitality and helps in the development of muscle mass. Source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, some studies have demonstrated the richness of Spirulina in proteins (55%), iron and beta-carotene. It is also noted its enormous wealth in amino acids and vitamins (specifically group B), minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, so in many situations is used in the case of fatigue and asthenia. Its richness in proteins allows to reduce the sensation of hunger and to support the physical effort, which explains its use in sports preparations. Proteins also contribute to maintain and increase muscle mass. Vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals alleviate the deficiencies of unbalanced diets, providing energy and vitality. Spirulina is recommended in protein-poor diets for weight management. You can also associate with other Arkocápsulas supplements, namely Royal Jelly (convalescence).

Take 3 capsules daily with a glass of water. Not recommended for people who are sensitive to iodine.

Spirulina Stem.



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