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Avène Cicalfate Drying and Repairing Lotion, 40ml

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This Drying and Reaper Lotion is adapted to the skin of the adult, the child and the newborn, being indicated in the humid cutaneous irritations of superficial non-pathological origin (zones of skin folds with tendency to maceration).

  • Naturally occurring silicates absorb moisture from the skin.
  • Micronized sucralfate allows rapid restoration of skin comfort.
  • Copper sulphate and zinc sulfate favors skin regeneration.

Break the end with your thumb.

Shake the bottle before use.

Turn the lid one quarter to the left and open, and to the right to close it again.

Clean the area to care for and then apply Cicalfate Lotion 2 times a day with the aid of a compress or directly with the applicator.

Thermal Water d'Avène; Silicates; Micronized sulphate; Copper Sulfate; Zinc sulfate.



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