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Avène Les Essentiels Extremely Rich Compensating Cream, 50ml

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Extremely Rich Compensating Cream is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin, tired (marked features and dull complexion), uncomfortable and lacking in nutrition.

  • A rich texture for very dry skin, concentrated in emollient oils, shea butter and nourishing waxes that provides lasting comfort to drier skin. It compensates for the hydrolipidic deficiencies of the skin, providing intense nutrition.
  • Red fruit extract acts as a "booster" of skin cells, associated with a stable form of vitamin E antioxidant. The skin is protected.
  • The thermal spring water D'Avène is well known for its soothing properties.

Very dry skin recovers elasticity and comfort. As if invigorated, the skin frees itself from the signs of fatigue. The complexion is radiant.

A patented lipid trio helps to intensely nourish the skin.


Red fruit extract, D'Avène thermal spring water, antioxidant vitamin E, shea butter



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