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Clearblue Pregnancy Test 1 Minute, 1 unit

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The Clearblue Pregnancy Test 1 Minute is designed to give you the most accurate pregnancy test experience with the precision you expect from Clearblue and with results after 1 minute.

  • Accuracy greater than 99% - From the date the menstruation should have started.
  • Ergonomic shape - Easy to grip and more hygienic due to the longer, curved handle.
  • 50% wider tip - The wider tip with color change makes sampling simpler and changes color from white to pink to inform you that you used the test correctly.
  • Clear positive results easy to read, with a "Pregnant" result after 1 minute.

Read the instruction booklet carefully before taking the Clearblue Pregnancy Test 1 Minute. If you are testing from the day the period should appear, you can test at any time of the day to find out if you are pregnant. If you are testing early, for an accurate result, you should use the first-morning urine. As soon as you are ready to test, remove the test dipstick from the protective packaging and remove the blue cap. Take the test right away. Simply hold the absorbent tip with color change face down in the urine stream or in a urine sample in a clean, dry container for only 5 seconds. The tip with color change changes rapidly to pink, showing that the urine is being absorbed. Keep tip with color change in urine for 5 seconds. While waiting for the result, hold the tip with color change face down or place the pregnancy test dipstick on a flat surface. As the pregnancy test starts working, you will see the blue lines appear. A blue line should be present in the control display when reading your result. This blue line shows that the test worked. In 3 minutes, the final result is displayed. If a blue line does not appear on the control display within 10 minutes, the test did not work. It is not relevant that one of the lines of the "+" symbol is lighter or darker than the other - the result is "Pregnant." Read the result within 10 minutes of taking the test. Ignore all changes to the result after 10 minutes.



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