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Elancyl Slim Design DUO 60 Capsules + Slimming-Firming Gel, 150ml

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Slim Design Capsules

Thanks to its composition rich in brown seaweed and Guarana, the Slim Design Slimming Capsule acts on the fat mass, reducing the absorption of lipids and stimulating their degradation. Equipped with a muscular vitamin complex, it guarantees the maintenance of the physical form thanks to its anti-fatigue action.

Results: a refined and redesigned silhouette. A true ally to reduce caloric intake. Also, to prevent slackening of the skin consider the Slim Design Slimming Tensioner combination.

Slimming-Firming Gel

At the heart of innovation, Elancyl Laboratoire offers Slim Design Slimming-Refirming. The first slimming formula with a new feature, the dual-action slimming: Instensyl ™ for an immediate effect of ultra-motivating and lasting skin firming over time. And to reduce abdominal volume, Slim Slimming-Stimulating Design brings together numerous specific active ingredients: caffeine, ivy and Apple pulp.

Slim Design Capsules

Take 2 capsules at a time to the main meal with a large glass of water. It is recommended to take 2 months.

Slimming-Firming Gel

Apply to desired area (belly, hips, arms) by massaging.

Slim Design Capsules

Brown seaweed, vitamin complex, guarana

Slimming-Firming Gel

instensyl (TM), Apple Pulp, caffeine, ivy



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