Galénic Teint Lumière DD FPS 25 Beauty Perfection, 40ml
€ 29.50 $ 33.06 R$ 127.81 £ 26.26

Even coverage, dream skin effect and anti-UV shield. The perfect combination of care with make-up, for a dreamy skin in an instant. The FPS 25 daily defense of perfect beauty is a real everyday city protector. Thanks to the association of Amazon Uncaria, with exceptional antioxidant power, and an efficient UV complex, this hyaluronic acid-filled formula offers hydration and enhanced protection daily. A light texture ensures a perfect coverage for a bright and lighted skin under all circumstances.

Apply in the morning on the face, alone or after your daily care, in areas of dry skin.

Uncaria of Amazonia; Solar Filters; Mineral Pigments Chameleon; Hyaluronic acid; Post Absorbents; Betaine; Moisturizing Glycols.



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