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GrinTuss Pediatric Syrup, 180g

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Grintuss Adult Syrup is a medical device based on honey and plant molecular complexes that performs a protective and lenitive action of the upper respiratory tract. It acts on dry cough combating mucosal irritation and on productive cough favoring hydration and elimination of mucus, through three mechanisms:

  •      Barrier effect: It forms a protective film that adheres to the mucosa and protects it from contact with irritating germs.
  •      Mucoregulatory action: Promotes mucus hydration and favors its elimination;
  •      Lubricant action: Reduces friction at the level of the pharynx, which causes coughing.

It models the cough without suppressing it, thus respecting its important role of defense of the airways.

It is recommended to take 2 tablespoons two to four times a day, the last time before bed.

Honey, Eucalyptus, Molecular complex of resins, polysaccharides and flavonoids of Grindélia, Tanchagem and Helicriso.

Contains sugar.



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