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Isdinceutics Skin Drops Sand, 15 ml

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Our makeup in drops that covers imperfections, scars and tattoos perfectly.

Ultra light texture that adapts to your coverage needs for a natural finish all day long (lasts up to 12 hours), plus SPF 15.

Apply between 1 or 3 drops depending on the desired coverage: from a smooth base without the sensation of wearing foundation to a perfect coverage.

Shake before using. 

Place one drop in the palm of your hand. Apply the product uniformly with your fingertips starting from the centre of your face and moving outwards. If necessary, and depending on your coverage needs, repeat all over face or only in specific areas. Can be used on other parts of the body.  

You can personalize your day cream by adding a few Skin Drops to create a tinted cream (bb-cream) that adapts to your skin. 

Mica, Seed oils, pigments with color.



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