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Klorane Polysianes After-Sun Sublimating Cream, 200ml

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Klorane Polysianes After-Sun Sublimating Cream, 200ml is a cream with a non-greasy texture, anti-oxidant effect, ideal for applying after the sun. It has a repairing and nourishing effect, able to compensate for all the needs of skin dried by exposure to the sun.
It can be used for all types of skin, on the face and body, as after-sun.

Monoi Oil, with its fragrance of white flowers, leaves the skin nourished and the hair light and silky.

The biodegradable and eco-responsible formula, consisting of 80% ingredients of natural origin

Water is responsible for optimizing cell function without changing the healthy balance of the skin.
Glycerin has moisturizing and moisturizing properties. It increases the water content of the superficial layers of the skin and helps to maintain its hydration level.
Squalene has nourishing properties, which help to strengthen the skin's protective film and the structure of the epidermis, providing lipids.
Monoi Oil, obtained from the maceration of Coconut Oil with the flowers of Gardenia of Tahiti, has nourishing properties, moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis, softening and perfuming. Perfect for nourishing and protecting hair.
Dicaprilil carbonate softens the skin.
Soy oil is nutritious. Helps strengthen the skin's protective film and the structure of the epidermis by providing lipids.
Tocopheryl Acetate and Tocopherol, thanks to their antioxidant effect, neutralize the harmful effect of free radicals on the skin.


Apply after bathing on the body and face of all skin types.

Formulated with: Water, Glycerin, Squalene, Monoi Oil, Dicaprilil Carbonate, Soy Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tocopherol,

Formulated without; Parabens



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