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Lierac Body-Slim Cryoactive Concentrate, 150ml

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To attack the installed cellulite, the most difficult to treat, and to visibly decrease the rebellious volumes, Lierac Laboratories transposes the mechanism of cryolipolysis to dermocosmetic. Thanks to a 360 ° action, the volume of white adipose tissue, which stores, is reduced in all stages of its formation.
The texture is of a rosé gel with the immediate cold effect actively contributes to slimming effectiveness. Enriched in hyaluronic acid, it delivers a seductive moisturizing and straightening effect, while its floral scent of iris, rose and jasmine enchants the senses.

  • The Body-Slim Concentrated Cryulent Intense Cellulite is a body care, especially indicated for installed cellulite.
  • With a fresh active texture, it helps to burn stored fats, has an anti-relapse action (reduces fat storage) and leaves the skin moisturized and soft .

Apply 1 or 2 times a day with the help of the roller on the affected areas.

  • Proirisin

Stimulates the synthesis of natural irisine. This substance produced by the body in the presence of cold potentiates the transformation of the white adipocytes (storage) into brown (burners) and activates the expression of the UCP1 protein, which stimulates the activity of these adipocytes. Fat is consumed to produce heat. In parallel, irisin blocks the transformation of preadipocytes into white adipocytes and blocks the entry of glucose into the cell, ensuring an antiretroviral action.

  • Complex of 10% active caffeine:

Increase in destocking. Composed of 2.5% free caffeine, 6% caffeine vector and 1.5% phospholipid gelling agent.

  • WTB System:

Restart the adipocytes. It transforms white adipocytes into brown adipocytes, which burn fats.



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