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Lierac Hydragenist Energizing Moisturizing Brume, 100ml

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The oxygenating spray that rehydrates and fills the skin on waking. Based on the aesthetic technique of tissue oxygenation, this haze is concentrated in the Hydra O2 complex and enriched in Rhodiola rosea extract, to rehydrate and fill the skin upon awakening. The skin is smoothed, the marks of tiredness are faded and the complexion recovers all its freshness. Inspired by Asian care waters, its slightly gelled active texture enriched with a viscoelastic polymer with memory provides an immediate moisturizing and filler effect. A fresh, delicate and feminine scent with notes of rose, jasmine and gardenia.

Apply in the morning, after cleansing and before the usual care routine. Spray on the face with the eyes closed, facilitating the penetration of the product with the fingertips.

Complex Hydra O2 (Minerals oxygenators + hyaluronic acid + leaf of vernonia + vitamin concentrate); Rose Extract; Extract of Rhodiola rosea.



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