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Natura Mix MenteVital, 30 capsules

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The increase in daily commitments and frantic rhythms of life make it necessary for the body to respond quickly, both physically and mentally. Natura Mix MenteVital is a new concept of supplementation that goes beyond the vitamins and minerals of synthesis. It is a blend of more than 500 nature-produced functional substances selected and controlled by Aboca, which allow useful supplementation to aid the body's physiological response processes. Natura Mix MenteVital capsules is a 100% natural product indicated to support memory and cognitive functions thanks to the presence of the total concentrate of Ginkgo biloba and the essential oil of Spanish Salvia. Natura Mix MenteVital capsules develops an adaptogenic action in periods of physical and mental stress thanks to the extract of Rhodiola and an antioxidant action thanks to the lyophilized extract of grape seeds.

Take 2 capsules daily, preferably in the morning.

Ginkgo biloba; Grape; Rhodiola; Spanish Salvia.



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