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Nosa Protect Spray Morango, 250ml

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Formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Dimethicone and sunscreen, the Nosaprotect spray acts as a cleanser and protects the sun's rays, besides being a product that keeps the lice apart naturally. The active ingredients of Nosaprotect spray are Tea Tree oil and Dimethicone. The Tea Tree is an essential oil traditionally used by Australian aborigines for many years to protect and prevent the possible contagion of lice and acts as a natural barrier. Dimeticone, in addition to softening and moisturizing in depth, covers the hair forming an insulating protective film. Nosaprotect spray was formulated with different aromas, strawberry and apple, which completely dissimilar the characteristic aroma of the Tea Tree, keeping its properties intact. The fun way to comb and protect yourself by keeping the lice naturally away. Pediatric and dermatologically tested. Can be used from 12 months.

Shake by mixing the two phases before each use. Apply on washed and drained hair with a towel, keeping the spray about 15cm away. It is not necessary to rinse. It can also be used on dry hair.

Tea Tree Oil; Dimethicone; Sunblock



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