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Rectangle Ophthalmic Gel, 10g

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Recugel is indicated for the improvement of hydration of the ocular surface and for protection of healthy eyes. Recugel has a refreshing and soothing effect on the eyes. Improves hydration of the ocular surface when there are complaints of dry eye sensation, burning or eye fatigue caused by, for example, watching television for a long period of time or by systematic work on computer terminals, air from heating systems or air conditioning. Recugel contains the substance dexpanthenol (belongs to the B vitamins) for protection of healthy eyes. Even when used as directed, this medical device may cause temporary blurring of vision through the formation of hazards, and patients should exercise caution when driving or operating machines.

Hold the tube upright above the eye, pulling the lower eyelid gently down. Apply one drop to each eye by gently squeezing the tube.

Dexpanthenol; Carbomer; Edetate Disodium; Sodium Hydroxide; Water; Cetrimide.



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