Somatoline Intensive Reducer Cream 7 Nights, 450 ml
€ 55.50 $ 62.52 R$ 241.00 £ 49.45

Intensive Reducer Cream, the maximum reducing effectiveness of Somatoline Cosmetic in 7 nights. It is an intensive treatment thanks to its triple reducing action: lipolytic (favors the reduction of localized fat accumulation), draining (favors the drainage of excess skin fluids) and anti-accumulation (provides for the formation of new accumulations of localized fat). In addition, its ultra-fast action formula, thanks to the exclusive BioSlim7 rich in specific high concentration assets, allows clinically proven reductive results in 7 nights. If the treatment is prolonged, the reductive efficacy increases until it doubles in 1 month.

Apply every day for 7 nights a dose of product on the area to be treated, and massage in circular movements until complete absorption. For best results it is advisable to extend the treatment for 4 weeks.




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