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Tensoval Duo Control, Arm Tensiometer

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Tensoval Duo Control is an automatic arm tensiometer with dual measuring technology. Innovative Duo Sensor technology combines two professional measurement technologies: oscillometric technology (measurement based on pulsed artery pulses) and Korotkoff technology (auscultator measurement). While most automatic tensiometers only operate with oscillometric technology, the Duo Sensor Technology primarily performs measurements according to Korotkoff's exact method (high accuracy and low susceptibility to interference). Only in exceptional cases does the instrument show the results of the oscillometric technology (people whose pulse sounds are so low that it is not possible to perform the measurement using the Korotkoff method). Therefore, Duo Sensor technology is advised for those who require accurate and reliable measurement results, such as in the case of drug treatment of arterial hypertension, so that the doctor can correctly dose the medicines. In addition, numerous patients with certain types of heart rhythm disorders can now also determine accurate values ​​with an automatic blood pressure monitor. Since the microphone is not in the clamp, but incorporated directly into the arm piece, it is also reduced the susceptibility to interference by improper handling.

The operation is simple and self-explanatory. You can find the operating instructions in the leaflet that comes with the product or clarify your doubts with us.



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