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Tiox UD Preventive Shampoo, 250ml

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Daily use of Tiox Shampoo with Quassia Amara makes it difficult for nits and lice to stick to the hair. Quassia Amara, a native shrub of tropical America, is a natural insect repellent and inhibitor of chitin formation, which is part of exoskeletons of insects. Tiox is an effective alternative to chemical treatments and home remedies. And, also, it can be used on the days following a pediculicidal treatment. Contains plant components, is safe and non-toxic.

Apply the Tiox shampoo on wet hair and scalp, ensuring a complete distribution of the root to the tips. Gently massage. Rinse with plenty of water. At each wash, shampoo components act in depth and on the surface of the hair. Use the Tiox comb with micro-textured teeth to ensure the total elimination of the nits and prevent them from converting to new lice. The non-toxic shampoo formula and balanced pH allow for daily use.

Quassia Amara.



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