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Urgo Cracks Filmogel Liquid Barrier, 3.25 ml

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Urgo Crackss Filmogel is a gel filmogenic indicated for the treatment of cracks, fissures, foot and hands, and small, slightly bleeding cuts. Urgo Cracks Filmogel benefits from an original formula enriched with wheat germ oil (rich in vitamin E) that creates favorable conditions for the regeneration of the skin. Once applied, Urgo Cracks Filmogel becomes a flexible, semi-occlusive and water-resistant transparent film. The formed film protects the wound against external aggressions, relieves pain, promotes healing and prevents reopening of the lesion.

Before using, in case of small cut, clean and dry the wound and wait for it to stop bleeding. Apply and spread the gel with the spatula, to fill / cover the wound evenly. Allow to dry for a few seconds. Renew the application 2 to 3 times a day until fully healed. Close tightly after use. If necessary, the film can be removed. Just reapply a drop onto the already formed film and clean it immediately with a dry compress.

Wheat Germ Oil.



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